Meet the team

 Mr Karim Boukhalfa BSc(Hons) DO MCSP SRP MICO


Registered Osteopath and Physiotherapist, Member of the Institute of Classical Osteopathy.

Mr Boukhalfa is the founder and clinic director of SOS Physiotherapy & Osteopathy. He studied full time for 7 years, qualified as a physiotherapist in 1989, as an osteopath in 1995 at the British School of Osteopathy, and was awarded a diploma in Classical Osteopathy in 2004. He is currently studying for a Masters in advanced physiotherapy and manual therapy. He specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation (including post-operative care) of complex musculo-skeletal conditions in both children and adults and all sports injuries.

He has been an osteopathic technique lecturer for 6 years, teaching at the British School of Osteopathy (London) and the Sutherland Osteopathic College (Paris).

He has also received formal Pilates training from the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute in 2012.

Jennie Yiu (M.Ost)

Jennie graduated with a Masters degree in osteopathy from the renowned British School of Osteopathy. She has treated people with a wide variety of complaints and from many walks of life – from pregnant ladies with knee problems, to opera singers with rib pain and of course, many people with back pain.

Jennie chose a career in osteopathy after benefiting from it as a child. As an active teenager who had a heavy school bag to carry, Jennie often found relief for her neck pain through osteopathic care. It also heavily influenced the way she thought of health – as in integration of the physical, emotional and social aspects of life and unique to each individual.

With a keen interest in biomechanics, Jennie uses a variety of osteopathic and manual therapy techniques to treat all manner of physical ailments, such as high velocity technique (manipulation), articulation of joints, soft tissue massage, functional technique, cranial osteopathy, and stretches and exercises, as well as postural, ergonomic and lifestyle advice. Jennie also specialises in preventative care, believing in the osteopathic philosophy of maintaining balance in the body and harnessing its innate ability to heal itself.

Jennie is interested in self-development and strives to be as healthy as she can in all aspects of her life by eating well, walking and going to the gym, and practising mindfulness, and hopes to be able to pass any helpful advice onto her patients.

Jennie enjoys developing her osteopathic skills and likes to keep up to date with current manual care research, providing best evidence treatment to her patients. She also like to take time to listen and find out what is really important to the patient – be it pain relief, or improved performance, better functionality or aesthetic considerations – such that patient and osteopath work towards the same goal and the best possible care can be given. Additionally, Jennie shares the practice’s commitment to help patients feel better as quickly as possible.

Eve Smith

Eve has been welcoming patients for the past 3 years. She handles telephone enquires expertly.